12 Useful Tips for Surviving EDM Festivals in 2016

There’s no experience on earth that compares to the excitement of EDM festivals! Trips like these stay with us for the rest of our lives… telling tales of incredible lineups and light shows that would blow your mind!

Unfortunately for many, with every life changing story of fun, there are nightmarish horror stories about the times everything went wrong…

With so many things that can go wrong, how do you ensure your festival experience is perfect?

What do you do to survive such a gauntlet while still enjoying all that EDM has to offer?

We have put together this list of tips and practices to help guide you through the mind-blowing storm that is an EDM festival!

Regardless of if you’re a long time veteran suiting up with your finest gear for the rave or some fresh blood newbie looking to gain his stripes attending your very first show, you’ll need all the help you can get to survive for days while in the thick of it.

With this guide of tips and practices, your summer festival will be something to remember!


1. Check the Weather Beforehand!

It seems obvious that you are going to be out in the sun with temperatures being 75 degrees and up, but if you ask any seasoned EDM veteran, there is nothing that can ruin your festival than a surprise storm. Take a look at what the weather will be in the coming days and see if you need to bring that poncho or not.Try bouncing to a radical beat when you’re ankle deep in mud! On the flip side, you don’t want to dress to heavy in the scorching heat!

From as early as January to mid-September, festival season is going strong, so you are more than likely to experience a wide array of weather and temperatures. This can change depending just a day to day change so prepare accordingly!


2. Drink Water


Now we have tackled temperature regulation, we have to talk about how essential keeping hydrated is during a festival! From all that dancing and jumping, you’re going to sweat up a storm, and that goes double if you’re in the hottest climates at the hottest time of year. If you want to experience the whole event, you’re going to need your trusty bottle of water or water pack by your side!

Keeping hydrated during the festival will make the difference between “The best party ever!” and “That time I fainted and had to be carried out because I got dehyrated.” This is especially true if you’re taking any experience enhancements (if you know what I mean 😉 ). The only downside is more frequent visits to the bathroom, but better that than being sorry. Take care of yourselves!

You cannot drink enough water at a festival. Remember this!


3. Always Wear Protection…

…from the sun! So you’re hydrated and keeping cool and while this will make you feel perfectly fine, it won’t protect you from the harsh rays. While regularly overlooked, sunscreen will be your best friend when standing out in the roasting sun during the months of June and July.

It’s hard to tell how awesome of an event it is was if you left looking like a lobster and in burning pain from head to toe!Just apply sunscreen regularly as the day goes on. If your skin feels dry or sore, then be sure to apply sunscreen right away, and you’ll leave with a healthy looking tan and some great memories!


4. Bring a Fanny Pack

For a long time, the fanny pack has caught fire due to its lack of popularity back in the 90s but what else are you going to carry it in?

It’s been a long time since the times of touristy family vacations and the embarrassment of the fanny pack. It’s back and in full force for both the ironic 90s kids and the sleek new fashions!Not being content with being fashionable, it is also versatile and compact! Many festivals are now able to allow you to bring a fanny pack in instead of any other bag, saving you the hassle of digging through your huge sack looking for your essentials such as ID, sunscreen, and diffraction glasses.

With its compact design, it has never been easier to have all your essentials right at your fingertips enabling you to access them in no time at all! The fanny pack is one of the most underrated necessities of the festival world.

Right when the music is at its pinnacle moment, you jump for the drop and reach for your phone to capture this iconic moment, and all you can do is fumble in your pockets trying to get it out. Now not only are you missing your greatest moment but now the contents of your pockets have spilled out into a crowd! Nightmare situation right?

Avoid it all with something as simple and underrated as a fanny pack!


5. The Portable Charger is Your Lifeline!Bring a Portable Battery Charger for RavesThe days of the festival can be testing to even the best phones batteries.

There is nothing worse than being out of juice right when you need it the most, and it can be avoided with one thing; the portable charger in your pack!

It is easy to find small enough chargers that can easily fit into the smallest of places and still have enough power to keep your electronics up and running. Be sure to get one which isn’t too heavy or larger otherwise, it may bounce around and weigh you down during a dance.

From recording the light-show to keeping in touch with your friends, even just enough for that one emergency phone call, you will never regret having a portable charger around!


6. You Never Know When You’ll Need Cash

You’d be surprised how much of an EDM festival experience can be ruined when you bring your credit or debit card in with you, only to lose it and wind up stuck without a penny to your name. Don’t risk bringing something so important in with you without some backup funds.

Bring in some cash and store it in a few places such as your fanny pack and bring enough for a meal or to get you home in an emergency!

Nobody will blame you if you want to spend it all on sweet new rave gear, though. What’s money for if not to be spent, right?


7. Eat for the Day

With festival days running long and strong, you’ll be using all the energy you can and it may not always be so easy to refill. Eating a filling and balanced meal before you even get to the festival will help you be full of energy and healthy enough to spend it all day!

If you get hungry in the middle of the show, often the venues food options are pricey, and that can easily stack up over the days. Having something filling and healthy will not only give you lots of energy but long lasting as well!


8. Dress Appropriately!

Banana Suit Costume Chemion Glasses EDC

We’re talking about both fashion and weather. Climates change from venue to venue and it would be impossible not to talk about how to deal with all the different kinds of situations. If the weather is chilly and you’re planning on being one of the first ones up, then put on some basic layers to keep you warm and ready for the early afternoon sets. You don’t want to start the festival off with a cold!

When the day is at its hottest and the crowd is really moving, you’re going to want to shed all the layers you can and get down to your tank top and shorts to keep yourself cool through the show. When the rave ends and its time to head back, you might want to bring a thin jacket to stay warm. The sweat on your body will chill once the sun goes down and the last thing you want is wet clothes sticking to you!

Its very common for you to see unique or flashy outfits being worn or decked out in accessories that glow at night. If you’re up for it, you could even rave in a onesie (though you’ll probably be sweating the entire time). You could wear glowsticks as bracelets or necklaces, or even get t-shirts or hats that light up. If you want to wear something to really stand out, check our Chemion LED Glasses below!

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9. Learn Your Venue

Most venues and music festivals will have multiple stages for the numerous performers and acts as well as any guests which may have been invited. Get everyone in you friend group to have a long look at the festival map before you even step foot in. You’ll thank us later!

If possible, print out a map and visit the locations once you’re able. Many festivals can be overwhelming for newcomers and veterans alike. The more you familiarize the area and make a physical memory of the location in regards to the map, the easier it will be to explore without getting lost later!


 10. Agree on a Meeting Spot


Once you have the area understood, find an easy to spot location somewhere inside the venue so you may easily find them again at the end of a long day or in the case of an emergency!

Frequently, cell phone signals can be weak and unreliable and never is this more obvious than when you eventually get separated from your friends in the dense crowds that make an amazing EDM festival. Having a location agreed upon beforehand will mean if someone is lost then you’ll know where to find them!


11. Learn the Set Times

For all of us, there is a reason you chose the festival for a reason. Be it a line-up you just couldn’t refuse or an individual DJ you just had to see, there is clearly a reason you’re here and the last thing you want to do is miss it!

Nothing is going to ruin your festival more than missing the reason you’re there in the first place!

Get a schedule of everything happening and on what days and study up on what times are most important to you. Some festivals have an app that you may download before you even get in the festival that lets you track performances and leave reminders for you!


12. Go with the Flow and Live for the Now!

Go with the Flow Kandi Bracelet

I’m sure after the festival, you’ll be excited to share all of these experiences with your friends but why is it that none of these photos give you any feels?

One of the biggest mistakes that anyone can make when faced with something as incredible as an EDM festival is that you get so caught up in recording all these moments that you’re experiencing it for yourself!

Don’t watch the entire festival through a small screen all day. Live it and take in all the sights that a small camera simply can’t. Take a moment in the middle of the madness to have a state of peace. Look around you at all the interesting views and people. A picture says a thousand words but a memory cant be explained with words!

With all this excitement and noise, it’s easy for plans to get lost in it all. When this happens, you need to just relax and go with the flow.

The magic about EDM is how alive it is. Thriving on spontaneity, expression, and acceptance, it is a beast that cannot be tamed.

The more you try and keep things rigid and planned and the more experiences you will miss, and it will hurt you more than anyone. Of course, being prepared and keeping conscious of the situation is very important in raging safe, but try and explore out of your comfort zone, meet new friends, try new things and always keep an open mind.

Not only will this create the most personal and memorable experiences but it’ll prepare you for future EDM festivals!




We hope this guide comes in useful for your first, last or just one of many festivals you plan on attending. Not only is every festival a once in a lifetime experience for you personally, but for everyone. It’s a unique community based on the sharing of these experiences, constantly growing and evolving with those existing in it and for it.

Before you begin any of your preparation, make a to-do list for you to keep track of what else needs doing.

By following this guide, we hope that not only is your festival an unforgettable one but that it aids those around you to make this EDM movement live on forever!

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