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[FAQ] Bluetooth connection issue

Bluetooth connection
Chemion Glasses
2021-04-12 22:54
Please check out the following things:

1. Please turn the Bluetooth and GPS on your mobile phone.
(We don't need/use your location information, but it sometimes has to be turned on because of the Android policy to connect with Chemion app.)
2. Clear the connection record on your mobile settings if you've already connected to Bluetooth.
3. Press the power button for about 10 seconds when you turn on your Chemion.
4. Try to connect the Bluetooth in the Chemion app. (do not connect it on your Bluetooth settings on your mobile phone.)
5. Turn off the Chemion glasses and push the on/off button for 10 seconds. (try 3 times and try to connect bluetooth)
6. If you don't have animation in 'my folder', remove the app and re-install. (do not remove the app when you have animations in 'my folder', your animations will be removed with removing the app)

If you have animations in 'my folder', please follow things before remove and re-install the app:
1. Upload all animations to 'explorer'.
2. Remove the app and re-install.
3. Download all animations you uploaded in 'explorer' on the re-installed app.
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