Stand out in the crowd through customized animations with advanced sound recognition and Bluetooth sync technology!

Chemion glasses can display any customized animations, messages, or images imaginable!

The name “Chemi-on” was created from the combination of “chemistry” and “on.” They are designed to share the chemistry of your heart with the world and created for those who are brave enough to show their emotions and personality in a fun way!

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These LED Glasses change the game in fun, wearable technology and are sure to make you the most interesting person at any rave! 

Chemion Glasses are an amazing combination of fashion and technology. These LED shutter shades are customizable with a range of brilliant features to help you stand out from the crowd and they are simple and straightforward to operate. Using the latest app technology these glasses are simple to program with your message, logo, slogan or animation and available for both Android and Apple smartphones means you won’t miss out, no matter which device you own and whether you buy directly from our website here or on Amazon. Designed to be a fun, futuristic product these glasses are being sought after for those people with a message to share! Here are some of the amazing things you can do with a pair of Chemion LED Glasses:


Cheer for your favorite music or say hi to a friend! The text feature is fantastic for communicating at a rave and being heard over all the music without even raising your voice! Why not get a group together and get your message across to everyone!


If you love music then these glasses are a must have for festivals and raves. Sync your smartphone microphone with your glasses and they will recognize sound for a personalized LED equalizer. With amazing digital graphic equalizer animation, they are a revolutionary new way to experience music both with your eyes and your ears.


Unleash your creative side with the drawing feature of Chemion LED glasses. Share your drawings, patterns and typography via your synced smartphone and wow everyone! You will surely stand out at any event. What a great opportunity for wannabe street artists to show off their skills and at large venue raves, you have a captive audience.


Keep all eyes on you and show off your animation skills. Create your own stand-alone animations and show off your technology skills.  Our software allows you to edit consecutive photographs to produce your bespoke animation… is this an opportunity to shine like never before?

What do you wear to a rave?

The fashion aspects of a rave are wonderful and colorful. Although regular street clothes would suffice, your eyes are always drawn to the wacky, neon and bright outfits with kandi jewelry. Wear something that expresses you and your personality.

 For ladies, perhaps a neon tutu or shirts and a t-shirt or bikini top. If you’re particularly wild you could opt for a furry outfit, wings and lots and lots of LEDs. You’d be sure to grab attention then. This is no time to be a withering wallflower. If you’ve always wanted to be the star of the show, then now is your chance. One of the great things about people who go to raves is that they really don’t make judgments about what you wear. The louder, the more luminous, the better!

As for men, shorts and a tank top is just fine. If you want to grab some attention and make some effort with your outfit, then an LED shirt or a full LED wired outfit is super colorful and eye-catching. Why not try some neon pants and snap back hat, neon or multi-colored boxers worn under low-slung jeans make for a casual, very cool look that the ladies won’t miss. While we’re talking about cool, don’t forget that it’s going to be hot… damn hot, and so you want your clothes to be breathable to keep you looking cool!

Another key outfit staple to remember would be comfortable footwear; you want to be able to dance all night without having the night ruined by sore feet! There will be lots of people around dancing so you’re going to want to make sure you have closed toe shoes to make sure your feet don’t get crushed! The range of ultimate platforms is limitless and some even light up to show the world your feet, some encrusted with sequins and diamantes, and laser finish patent leather for a futuristic finish but all designed to catch those flashing disco lights as you dance the night away.

Neon and glow in the dark items are one of the best things to wear at a rave. Dancing in the dark surrounded by a sea of neon will make your experience that much more exciting. Neon colour make you stand out, especially at night time! A fanny pack or small bag is a great accessory to have to keep all your valuables safe while you’re dancing since most rave clothing doesn’t have many pockets.

Last but not least, sunglasses. This is where your awesome Chemion LED Glasses come into play. Visuals are as exciting as the music at raves and EDM festivals and these LED sunglasses add to the experience. Express yourself and stand out with all of the different features that they offer. People won’t be able to keep their eyes off you! If you’re worried about restricted vision with your LED shades, then worry no more. Where your eyes are located in the glasses, there is empty space to allow you to see fully. These LED rave glasses bring communication to a whole new level at any EDM event! Chemion LED glasses only require three x AAA batteries and the battery life last around five hours meaning you can rave nearly all night long!


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