Top 10 Tips for a Plurfect Festival Experience for 2017

One of the most entertaining and pure ways to experience live music is through the magic of festivals You make new friends, new memories and get to discover all new artists all at the same time! For a few days, you get the chance to escape from your regular, normal life. Even though such an intense cornucopia of entertainment can be incredible, it can exhaust you both physically and mentally.

If you follow these 11 steps and plan your schedule accordingly, your EDM experience will be enhanced more than you’d imagine and you’ll leave it wishing for more!

1) Start positive, finish positive!

On your way to the festival, be sure you’re not holding on to any kind of negative feelings. Focusing on negative thoughts before the event frequently results in negative experiences. Focus on positivity and open-mindedness.

At a festival, you’re bound to see and experience many things which you haven’t before. It’s a natural reaction to want to judge and analyze but its times like this where your open-mindedness will be important. Music festivals are a place of freedom and flow, and judging will only halt your experience and those around you.

Embrace the chaos and learn from it!


2) Good people create great experiences

The difference between an incredible festival experience and a terrible one can come down to something as simple as the people you surround yourself with.

Having a strong group of people will make everything easier. They’ll help you all along the way and help bolster each other’s experiences. Good people give good vibes that lead to great memories!


3) Dress for the occasion!

Fashion is more important than you’d think. Not only can a bad outfit ruin your whole day but it’s also what you’re going to be wearing while dancing outside all day. Before you do anything, you’re going to want to check what the weather will be for the weekend. You don’t know if it’ll rain or shine unless you check beforehand and be sure to dress appropriately if you know it’s going to rain, wear some boots which can handle the mud and keep you dry. If the sun is shining as much as we all hope it does, then sneakers are a must.

You’re going to be dancing all day and all night, and you will need to stay comfortable. Sandals can lead to rubbing or breaking and the last thing you want is to end up barefoot in the middle of a festival.

When it comes to your outfit, halter tops with fringe and laced crop tops are both super comfortable and pretty trendy for girls! If you’re a guy, then you’ll want a tank top. It keeps you cool and looks cool itself! When it comes to bottoms, shorts are a must for everyone! Finish the outfit off with some of our LED Glasses and some laser gloves and you’ll be ready for any festival!

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4) Don’t get glued to your phone!

It’s all too easy to get caught in your phone. Be it texting, checking social media or simply looking something up, all of them take you out of the moment. During the concert, you will want to avoid your phone. Just take in what’s around you!

Taking videos and pictures will only let you experience everything on a small screen. Relax and take in everything around you. Remember the sights, sounds and smells.

Feed off of the energy around you and really soak in the moment. By slowing down and absorbing it, you’ll be sure to create some truly lasting memories!


5) Decide on a meeting spot

It’s only a matter of time before you lose your friends. The festival is a large and very complicated place and it’s hard to keep track of things. This isn’t always a bad thing as this creates many new opportunities for you! Obviously, what is not OK is never being able to find them again after!

Find a spot and agree beforehand with all your friends, to meet there if anyone gets lost. We all like to wander from time to time and some people wander more than others.

You don’t want to spend the rest of the festival trying to meet up with them again. With a meeting place decided beforehand, your stress can be cut down considerably!


6) Drink water

With all the dancing and walking around in the sun, dehydration is only a matter of time. Dehydration frequently happens during summer concerts and shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are numerous possible heat-related injuries and even the risk of death.

Keep a water bottle close to you to avoid dehydration. Often, water refill stations will be placed at certain locations of the festival so be sure to stay topped up. A camelback bottle is worth the investment if you want to do it right!


7) Give new artists a chance

We normally go to music festivals for names we know and new names can be unappealing. But with many of these new names, hidden gems and even whole new genres can be found.

Be careful who you pass up on seeing, or you’ll miss the opportunity. Opening your mind and listening to new bands will enrich your whole experience!


8) Try out the food

You would be surprised what different kinds of food you might find at a festival. Explore the grounds and test out all the food you can if you really want to get the full experience

This isn’t just because it’s delicious, it’ll help keep your energy up and keep away that dreaded hangover!


9) Battery packs are your friend

Your phone dying is one of the most annoying things that can happen. When you’re taking pictures of the stage or trying to contact your friend, the battery pack is what will keep you going!

Keeping a fully charged battery pack will ensure that you can always have your electronics when needed.


10) PLUR is the word

You may not know the lingo of the EDM scene but an important word to learn is PLUR. It stands for everything EDM should stand for; Peace, Love, Unity and of course Respect!

So many people have been brought together by their love of community and festivals. In order to not only maintain but improve the scene, you have to give respect and love to everyone. We are all trying to bring each other together through the life changing experience that is an EDM festival!

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