Top 5 Music Festivals of 2016

Wanna know our take on the top 5 EDM music festivals in the US are? Check out our list!

#5 Bonnaroo –
Manchester, TN (June 9th-12th, 2016)

Bonaroo Music Festival

Bonaroo Music Festival Chart


Lineup:  Bonnaroo is likely the most well-known music festival in the United States, and for good reason.  This festival brings one of the most diverse lineups to the fields of Tennessee every year.  This isn’t a purely EDM festival, so Bonnaroo is a good chance for EDM junkies to branch out and learn about new things.  This year’s lineup includes; RL Grime, LCD Soundsystem, The Chainsmokers, Zeds Dead, Pearl Jam, Death Cab For Cutie, and more.

Venue:  Bonnaroo takes place on a massive farm in Manchester, TN and there are tons of amenities provided for the festival goers.  Multiple camping options are available all the way up to rental-able RVs. On-site catering is also available.  The Bonnaroo experience can truly be tailored to any type of person.

Reputation:  There is a reason why Bonnaroo has been around longer than most festivals; it has been consistently reliable and this has helped it stand the test of time.  Bonnaroo is easily one of the most successful festival franchises ever.

Atmosphere: The Atmosphere of Bonnaroo can be summed up by the “Bonnaroovian Code” (yes, this is a real thing).  The fifth rule of The Code is literally “don’t be that guy/girl”.  The whole idea behind Bonnaroo is that people can be responsible and friendly and still have a good time.  Basically, if you are a jerk you probably aren’t going to vibe well with this fest.

Price:  All the fun to be had at this fest definitely comes at a price.  Remember those amenities we mentioned earlier, well they are super expensive.  If you want to rent an RV then Bonnaroo’s price packages can go all the way up to $5,000.  There are even tour bus packages that don’t have the price listed, so I can’t even imagine what that cost.  General admission is going to set you back almost 400 bucks.  This festival isn’t cheap.


#4 Coachella
Coachella Valley, CA (Apr. 15th-17th & Apr. 22-24, 2016)

Coachella Music Festival

Coachella Music Festival Rating

Lineup:  The lineup at Coachella was no joke this year.  It was extremely well-rounded, including everything from EDM acts to Gun N’ Roses (to be honest, I had no clue those guys even toured anymore). Headliners included Major Lazer, Flume, Jack U, Zedd, Mr. Carmack, RL Grime, and Dubfire.

Venue:  The organizers really know how to take care of people at Coachella.  The onsite camping offers free showers, cell phone charging stations, WiFi, water refill stations, portable toilets and even a farmer’s market.  Shuttles run to the valley from nearby hotels throughout the day, so transportation isn’t an issue.

Reputation:  Coachella is basically the west-coast version of Bonnaroo when it comes to its past success.  Once people go to this festival they are hooked and want to return the next year.  Do we even need to mention that this is the festival that hosted the legendary hologram appearance of Tupac a few years back?

Atmosphere:  The atmosphere at Coachella can be summed up with one word… friendly.  People go to Coachella to meet new people, make new friends and have a great time.  Once again, this festival is similar to Bonnaroo in the manner that is it for people who know how to take it easy but still like to party.  If you like to couple your all-night raging with chilling during the day time then camping at Coachella is probably something that you would enjoy.

Price:  Coachella can get pricey.  With general admission starting at 400 dollars and VIP packages going all the way up to 5 grand, we once again can’t help but compare this festival to Bonnaroo.  If you aren’t strapped for cash then this fest shouldn’t be a problem for you, but if you are a college student that lives off of ramen noodles then you might want to consider one of the other festivals on our list.



#3 ParadisoGeorge, WA (June 24th – 25th, 2016)

Paradiso Music Festival

Paradiso Music Festival Ratings


Lineup:  While the lineup has yet to be announced, there has been no shortage of EDM superstars in the previous years.  Previous year’s lineups have included Kaskade, Avicii, Above and Beyond and more.

Venue:  Paradiso’s slogan is “Digital Meets Nature”, which captures the essence of this music festival’s venue perfectly. This all night dance fest engrosses you with lights, lasers, and EDM.   Plus it takes place in a serene gorge in the beautiful state of Washington.

Reputation:  Paradiso has garnered a reputation for being an absolutely epic festival.  The past success of this festival is one of the main reasons this festival ranks so high on our list.

Atmosphere:  The atmosphere at Paradiso is perfect!  It takes place in a beautiful gorge in one of the most beautiful states in the country, and the attendants are known for being SUPER friendly.  If you can only go to one or two festivals this year and you really enjoy the outdoors, then you should really consider Paradiso.

Price:  All things considered, this fest is one of the best bangs for your buck.  Starting at $199 for general admission, very few festivals can beat the value that Paradiso provides.


#2 Electric Zoo
– New York, NY (
Sept. 3rd-5th, 2016)

Electric Zoo Music Festival

Electric Zoo Ratings


Lineup: Electric Zoo’s lineup incorporates both a mix of legendary DJs like The Chemical Brothers and Frankie Knuckles, as well new school masterminds like Kaskade and Steve Aoki. This varied lineup makes Electric Zoo a suitable choice for dance music fans of all ages, which is a factor that can be lacking from many festivals these days since a lot of them focus only on the younger crowd, like the aforementioned Mad Decent Block Party.

Venue: Each year since 2009, dance music has taken over a small municipal island in NYC, in the form of the music festival Electric Zoo.  This truly unique location squeezed right between Manhattan, The Bronx and Queens is over nine miles long and offers festival attendees the opportunity to visit America’s most iconic city over Labor Day Weekend.

Reputation: This festival boasts five stages, including a hidden treehouse area.  Over the seven years that this festival has been around it has steadily continued to grow in production value.  While the lineup has yet to be announced for 2016, there is no doubt that this year’s Zoo will be just as successful as the previous ones before it.

Atmosphere:  Electric Zoo is an extremely intense, balls to the wall festival.  Expect the full treatment of pyrotechnics, lasers, and LEDs at this EDM fest.

Price: A weekend pass is only $229.  This is fairly priced given the amount of festival competition there is this year and Electric Zoo’s reputation for having excellent lineups in the past.



#1 EDC LV – Las Vegas, NV (June 17th-19th, 2016)

Electric Daisy Carnival EDC

Electric Daisy Carnival EDC Ratings

Lineup:  This lineup is FREAKING INSANE.  Pretty much every major EDM artist in the world performs at EDC Vegas.  Above & Beyond, AC Slater, 4B, Chuckie, Justin Martin, Armin Van Burren and more performed last year at EDC.  You can expect this year to be bigger and better.

Venue:  Located on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway this fest has a truly unique locale.  EDC also has an art area featuring fire-breathing metal creatures, three-dimensional wooden superstructures, and a convenient carnival square, packing all the amenities that you would expect from a festival this size.  Besides that, the festival is in VEGAS.  If you have never been to Las Vegas before then EDC is a good excuse to go.  Not that you needed an excuse.  Seriously, go pack your bags.  Now.

Past Success:  EDC Las Vegas has become practically as much as an institution as EDM itself.  EDC has eight stages this year in addition to it’s breadth of carnival rides so there will definitely won’t be a lack of entertainment at this power-house three-day festival.  This festival just keeps on getting bigger and badder every year.

Atmosphere:  Two words can describe the atmosphere at EDC.  EFFING BANANAS.

Price:  Given the fact that you are getting the best lineup of the year, with the best venue in the country for a festival, combined with the fact that there has never been a bad EDC, and that ticket starts at $355, you really can’t beat this price point.  Sure $355 is more expensive than a lot of festivals on this list, but the other festivals on this list just don’t come quite nearly as close to festival nirvana as EDC does.  Get your ticket now before prices go up!




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